The objective of the 4th West Africa Conference is to contribute to a better integration of ecological and biological agriculture in national agricultural development programs and to influence agricultural policies towards sustainable agricultural practices in a Context of climate change « .



Six sub-themes are selected and will be presented and debated at this 4th Conference

1-Institutionalization of ecological and biological agriculture in national and subregional policies;

2- Contribution of research in organic and ecological agriculture and food security and poverty reduction;

3-Biological and ecological adaptation to climate change, based on practices, know-how and scientific research;

4- Access mechanisms and seed governance for organic and ecological agriculture: what are the biotechnological risks?

5- Market research and development of value chains;

6- Mechanisms for the exchange of experience between members of national and subregional networks.


The reflections will focus on:

Integration of AEB activities into National and Sub-Regional Policies;

Development of AEB production standards to promote product competitiveness and trade;

Development of lobbying and marketing advocacy tools for better visibility of AEB products;

Development of relations between members of national and sub-regional networks.

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